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FaTisha McGarnett is a Certified Trichologist, Hair Loss. Hair Restoration Expert

 FaTisha McGarnett 
Certified Trichologist & Master Cosmetologist

My journey into Trichology started in 2015 when I did a hair and scalp assessment on my client and noticed that she had excessive hair shedding. The texture of her hair felt like steel wool and the bulbs were coming out with the hair. I didn't know what was happening, but I knew that it wasn't normal. We discussed the issue and I encouraged her to make an appointment to see her physician.


Two years later in 2017, my client told me that she had to cancel her appointment because she was in the hospital and had been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. She lost her battle with cancer in 2018.​A year later I attended a salon industry celebration for Design Essentials and I was sitting at the table with a beautiful group of ladies whom I had never met. We started talking about how scary it is to see so many women losing their hair.


One of those ladies Mrs. Gloria A. Fort shared with me that she was a Certified Trichologist and owner of Hair N' Motion Next Level Trichological Clinic and Salon in Lawrenceville where her focus was helping her clients who have hair thinning, hair loss, and scalp disorders. This conversation with her increased my knowledge of how I could better serve my clients who were indeed experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, and scalp disorders.


I embarked on my journey the become a Certified Trichologist. I enrolled in The World Trichology Society's Certified Trichologist program and received my certification as a Certified Trichologist.​Since becoming certified, I've been able to help countless individuals who are struggling with hair thinning, hair loss and scalp disorders feel more confident in themselves again! My ultimate goal is to help as many people regain their confidence with healthy hair and scalp!​My passion is helping others develop and grow to be their best selves and love their crown again. Every day, I look forward to helping people who are struggling with hair loss or other hair-related issues.

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